Pest Information - Roaches

There are over 4,000 species of roaches but only 12-14 are associated with humans. This site will focus on the roaches most commonly found in Hawaii. Learn about their Appearance, Habitat, Diet, Health Risks, and Reproduction.
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Brown Banded Roach

BrownBanded Roach

Scientific Name

Supella longipalpa


The BrownBanded Cockroach grows to about 5/8 inch long and is light brown to glossy dark brown. Adult BrownBanded cockroaches have wings. Males are capable of flight. Nymphs and females are broad when viewed from above, while the male is slender.


These pests do not require as much moisture as German cockroaches and tend to avoid light. BrownBanded cockroaches prefer warm and dry locations, such as near refrigerator motor housings, on the upper walls of cabinets, and inside pantries, closets, dressers, and furniture in general.


These insects feed on starchy materials and even non-food materials such as nylon stockings. Like members of other cockroach species, they may consume materials like glue or paste (especially from animal-based materials), and certain color dyes.

Type of Damage

Roaches can foul food, damage wallpaper and books, eat glue from furniture, and produce an unpleasant odor.

Health Risks

Some homeowners are allergic to roaches. The pests can contaminate food with certain bacterial diseases that result in food poisoning, dysentery, or diarrhea.

Life Cycle

During her adult life a female produces about 14 egg capsules, each containing an average of 13 eggs. A female adult has a life span of 13 to 45 weeks; each female produces about 600 descendants per year.

Interesting Facts

BrownBanded cockroaches can conceal themselves in many places that are inaccessible to larger species. Making structural modifications such as caulking (in cracks, crevices, around ducts, molding, etc.) are necessary in bedrooms, bathrooms, dining rooms, and other areas of the house.